Quick Answer: Why Does My Hotspot Disconnect When I Get A Phone Call?

Can I receive calls while using mobile hotspot?

Happily, the phone can still view web sites on its screen, make calls and respond to texts while it’s hosting the hotspot connection.

This technique works with just about every current Android and iOS phone, and using your phone as a hotspot can be more secure than using a public hotspot..

How do I stop my Iphone from disconnecting from my hotspot?

If you open the hotspot settings on your iphone, the ipad will reconnect after a few seconds. You don’t have to turn it off and on, just opening the settings view for the hotspot turns it back on to broadcasting.

Can you talk on iPhone and use hotspot at the same time?

To get data and voice at same time you must have Advanced Calling 1.0 active on your account and you must turn on VoLTE or LTE calling on your phone. Once you do that, you will be able to do voice and data at the same time as long as you are in an LTE area.

Why does my iPhone hotspot disconnect when I get a phone call?

Totally dependent on your cellular network connection, incoming or outgoing phone calls “may” interrupt your Personal Hotspot connection. After you end the call, Personal Hotspot “should” automatically reconnect with your devices. But again, this is dependent on the “quality” of your cellular network connection.

Why does my hotspot turn off when I get a call?

Android turns off the hotspot because data isn’t available during the call, so unfortunately there is no fix available until networks start to implement voice over LTE. You can use whats’up or some voip application like skype or CS-IP app with voip provider credential.