Quick Answer: Who Is Responsible For BSNL Loss?

Is BSNL improving?

Improving BSNL “The government has taken and will take in future steps to improve BSNL.

These include capital infusion and equity infusion and you will see its results soon,” the minister said..

What is BSNL future?

The Modi cabinet approved a Rs 69,000 crore revival plan for BSNL and MTNL, which would include restructuring of existing debt by raising bonds with sovereign guarantee, reducing employee costs through a VRS scheme, monetisation of assets, allotment of 4G spectrum, and in-principle approval their merger.

Can BSNL be shut down?

New Delhi: There is no plan to shut down state-run telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, Telecom secretary Anshu Prakash said on Friday. “News reports emerging of government thinking of shutting down the operator are not true,” Prakash said at the sidelines of an event here.

Why is BSNL so important?

Largest Optical Fibre Network in the country As the only national telecom operator, BSNL is not only strategically important for the country but it also has the largest optical fibre network (OFC) in the country.

Is BSNL in profit or loss?

BSNL has incurred a cumulative loss of Rs 17,645 crore between 2015-16 to 2017-18 and its loss in FY 2018-19 is pegged at over Rs 14,000 crore. The total loss of BSNL in the last four years has been pegged at close to Rs 32,000 crore.

Is Jio taking over BSNL?

With Jio Taking Over Indian Telecom Sector BSNL Topples.

Why BSNL WIFI is not working?

Step by Step Guide to make BSNL Broadband work: Step 1: Check the lights of your router. … Step 3: If the Data light is blinking – but you are still not able to connect to the internet, that means some of the network setting has been refreshed and you need to reconfigure the BSNL ONT.

Why BSNL did not get 4g license?

The company failed to make much use of the 4G spectrum that was given to it without any auction in 2010, which resulted in pushing the public sector player to near irrelevance in a market that is dominated by data services.

Why is BSNL in loss?

“Low tariffs due to fierce competition in the mobile segment, high staff cost and absence of 4G services (except in few places) in the data-centric telecom market are the main reasons for losses of BSNL,” Prasad said.

What is the problem with BSNL?

The issue came to light in March, when BSNL defaulted on payments of monthly salaries to around 1.76 lakh employees. So bad is the crunch there have been reported power cuts in many BSNL offices, and around 20% supply of power to its telecom towers is being disrupted.

Does Jio use BSNL towers?

BSNL has rented out 2,761 towers to Airtel, 892 to Vodafone, 941 to Idea Cellular and 127 to Sify, according to the data. Reliance Jio is the biggest mobile tower client for state-owned firms BSNL and MTNL, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad informed Parliament on Wednesday.

Is BSNL employees not getting salary?

The BSNL management employees have not been receiving their salaries on time. The unions and associations have raised this issue multiple times. Even the salary for the month of April 2020, is being disbursed only on May 19. … The contract workers in BSNL have not been paid their wages for the past 10 months.

Is BSNL under loss?

New Delhi: Public sector carrier Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is expected to post losses of over Rs 14,000 crore for the financial year 2018-19, while its revenue is slated to be around Rs 19,308 crore.

Why BSNL is in loss Quora?

Its not only BSNL facing loss in Telecom market all telecom company is facing loss due to disruption created by Reliance JIO freebies which is against TRAI rule. But present government openly supporting JIO. Main reason for losses in BSNL is depriciation of Old Infra and government not allowing for 4G technology.