Quick Answer: Is Climbing The 02 Scary?

How long does it take to climb 02?

90 minuteUp at The O2 is an exhilarating 90 minute experience that takes you on a guided expedition over the roof of The O2 via a fabric walkway.

Suspended 2m above the surface of The O2 roof, the walkway is 52m above ground level and 380m long..

How do you get to the o2 by train?

It may be quicker to travel directly to North Greenwich station on the Jubilee Line, which you can join at several mainline stations, including London Bridge, Waterloo and Stratford. Once you’re at North Greenwich, The O2 is just two minutes’ walk away and well signposted.

Do o2 customers get discount on up at the o2?

Get 15% off for up to 4 tickets to Up at The O2 when you book online. Only on O2.

What is o2 arena?

The O2 Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena in the centre of The O2 entertainment complex on the Greenwich Peninsula in southeast London. … It has the second-highest seating capacity of any indoor venue in the United Kingdom, behind the Manchester Arena, and in 2008 was the world’s busiest music arena.

How old do you have to be to climb the 02?

8 years oldMinimum age: 8 years old. Minimum height: 1.2m. Maximum weight: not weigh more than 21 stone/130kg/286lbs. Maximum measurements: maximum waist measurement 125cm, maximum upper thigh measurement 75cm.

Can you take a bag into the o2?

Only small bags (no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm) will be allowed into The O2 arena. You can leave larger bags / personal bags at our bag storage facility just outside the main entrance, at a cost of £10 per bag.

Is the o2 climb open?

Up at The O2 is now open, offering a more intimate and memorable experience than ever before and with enhanced health and safety measures in place. In line with social distancing guidelines, each climb has been reduced to less than half the capacity previously in place, giving a more exclusive experience to visitors.

What should you not wear to a concert?

Avoid wearing dresses or shirts that restrict your arm movement as it will make it hard for you to move through the crowd. It is best if you try on the attire first and see if you feel comfortable enough to wear it to a concert. You will need to pay special attention when it comes to selecting what shoes to wear.

How big is the Indigo o2?

2,350 capacityindigO2 is a 2,350 capacity live music venue, designed in a theatre-style configuration. There is seating on the balcony and the floor can be all standing, part seated or completely seated depending on the event. indigO2 is approximately 30m from the main entrance to The O2.

How steep of a roof can you walk on?

Common Roof Slopes Expressed in Rise/Run and Angle + Slope expressed as GradeCommon Roof Slopes Expressed in Rise/Run and Angle + Slope expressed as GradeRoof Slope Expressed as Rise / Run in InchesRoof Slope Expressed as an AngleWalkability2 / 129.46 °Easy to walk on3 / 12114.04 °4 / 1218.4329 more rows

Is there a dress code for the o2 arena?

Appropriate dress is required within all areas of The O2. Visitors to The O2 are not permitted to wear the following: motorcycle helmets, hoods, baseball caps, sunglasses (at night). Trainers are not permitted after 11pm, except for visitors to the cinema or The O2 arena (evidence of attendance may be required).

Can children climb the 02?

The 02 – London’s biggest adventure dome? But it’s not like that. The o2 has managed to pull off something unique here. Planners have taken an iconic building, opened it up to adults, children over the age of 10 (and more than 1.2m tall), and even wheelchair users (by arrangement), and made it feel daring.

Can you climb the o2 in rain?

6 answers. The British weather is unpredictable so our experience has been designed with that in mind. Our goretex climb suits by ARCO will keep you dry so the adventure continues in the rain and we can still climb safely in winds up to 33mph.

Can you walk over the o2 arena?

Up at The O2 is an exhilarating 90 minute experience that takes you on a guided expedition over the roof of The O2 via a fabric walkway. Suspended 2m above the surface of The O2 roof, the walkway is 52m above ground level and 380m long. … Up at The O2 is 52m at its highest point.

How long is the climb VR?

By PC or console game standards, The Climb’s main campaign isn’t long. I finished its nine courses in around four hours, including a couple of extra tutorial levels and some replays.

How much is it to climb Everest?

“The typical cost when climbing the Everest with a Western agency is $45,000 and above. With a local Nepali operator it can be between $25,000 and $40,000.” The cost includes the royalty fee of $11,000 for the peak. Most agencies conduct sherpa-supported climbs.

How do you walk on a roof without falling?

There are ways to walk on roofs, though, that will reduce your chance of slipping.Wear proper footwear. Rubber-soled shoes are an essential part of walking safely on a roof. … Secure the ladder. You’ll need to climb a ladder to get on your roof. … Wear a harness. … Inspect and clear the roof. … Only work in good weather conditions.

How can I fix my roof without falling off?

Here are some tips for working safely on a roof:Leave steep and/or high roof work to the pros. … Pick a clear, calm, cool time of day to work on roofs. … Wear shoes with a soft rubber sole for extra traction.Keep the bottom of your shoes free of mud and dirt, and the roof swept clear of dirt and debris.More items…

Is the o2 climb hard?

I won’t try and explain it here, but all you need to know is that it’s very easy. The climb is slip into 6 sections, 3 going up and 3 going down. The start of the climb is the most difficult as its the steepest at 30°. While it may look difficult, it’s actually not much harder than walking up a hill.

How do I get o2?

Travel by tube. North Greenwich station is on the Jubilee Line in Zones 2 and 3. And it’s right on our doorstep. Get here from Central London in 20 minutes.

Do they ask for ID at the o2?

The O2 on Twitter: “We will be checking IDs and if you cannot present a valid form of identification, you will not be granted entry.… ”

Do you need a harness to work on a roof?

When on a roof, you need to wear a harness connected to a securely anchored safety rope.

Is it safe to sit on a roof?

While your roof is certainly designed to withstand many things, lounging is likely not one of them. Sitting on your roof could cause you personal injury, roof damage, or even structural damage to your home.

How fit do you need to be to climb the o2?

The whole experience – from the safety briefing, putting on safety gear, the climb up and down – takes 90 minutes. Anyone who is medically fit and has a spirit of adventure can do the climb, and while there’s no upper age limit, children must be over 10 years old and at least 1.2 meters tall.