Quick Answer: How Do You Select Multiple Words In Word?

How do you select an entire row in Word?

Drag across the cells you want to select.

Click in the upper-left cell you want to select, press the Shift key, and then press arrow keys to extend the selection.

Click outside of the table on the left side to select an entire row..

How do you edit multiple lines at once?

Alternatively you can select lines and go to SELECTION MENU >> SPLIT INTO LINES. Now you can edit multiple lines, move cursors etc. for all selected lines. Use CTRL+D at each line and it will find the matching words and select them then you can use multiple cursors.

How do you select multiple pages on a Mac?

On your Mac, do any of the following:Select an item: Click the item. … Select multiple items: Press and hold the Command key, then click the items.Select multiple items that are listed together: Click the first item, then press the Shift key and click the last item.More items…

How do you drag words in Word?

Drag and dropSelect the text you want to move.Place the mouse pointer anywhere on the selected text without clicking.Click and hold the left mouse button until the insertion point changes to a white arrow pointing up to the left.Left click and drag the selected text to the new location.

How do you select multiple text in Word?

For that, follow these steps: Place your cursor somewhere in or next to the first word you wish to select. While holding down Ctrl (Windows & Linux) or Command (Mac OS X), click in the next word you wish to select. Repeat until you’ve selected the words you want to change.

How do you select certain words in Word?

Select specific textPlace your cursor in front of the first letter of the word, sentence, or paragraphs you want to select.Click and hold while you drag your cursor to select the text you want.

How do I select all tables in Word?

Click Kutools > Tables > Select Tables. See screenshot: Note: For selecting tables in selection, you need to select the range firstly and then apply the feature. Then you can see the results as follows.

How do you select an entire text line?

How to highlight text on an Android smartphone and tablet. Press and hold down on any text with your finger, drag your finger over the text you’d like to highlight, and then let go. Upon letting go, a menu should appear in the top-right corner of the screen (shown to the right) that allows you to cut or copy.

How do you select multiple non consecutive words on a Mac?

To select non-contiguous text:Press-and-drag to select a section of text.Hold down the Command key. Press-and-drag to select some other text that is not contiguous!

How do you highlight multiple things at once?

To select items that are not next to each other, follow these steps:Select the first item that you want. For example, select some text.Press and hold CTRL.Select the next item that you want. Important Be sure to press and hold CTRL while you select the next item that you want to include in the selection.

How do you highlight certain words?

Highlighting Found TextPress Ctrl+H. … Click the More button, if it is available. … In the Find What box, enter the text you want to find and highlight.In the Replace With box, enter ^&. … With the insertion point still in the Replace With box, click the Format button. … Click the Highlight option. … Click the Replace All button.More items…•

How do you select multiple words in pages?

Select a range of text: Click in front of the first character, then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click at the end of the text you want to select. You can select just a few characters or a large amount of text across paragraphs or pages.

How do you select multiple lines on a keyboard?

Select one character at a time by holding down the “Shift” key and and using either arrow key (right or left). Select an entire line of text by holding down the “Shift” key and pressing “End”, if you are at the beginning of the line, or “Home” if you are at the end of the line.

How do you select and drag with keyboard?

Example, for right click using keyboard shortcut is shift+F10.. The only way that I know of is by copy (ctrl+C) and paste (ctrl+P), you can’t really “drag” with a keyboard. You can use Alt+Tab to cycle through open windows.

How do I select text without dragging?

Click the “Select” drop-down menu in the Editing group on the ribbon and choose “Select All.” All of the body text on the pages will be highlighted. You can now format it, cut, copy, align the text and more. The keyboard shortcut “Ctrl-A” will accomplish the same result.

How do you select multiple cells in Word?

Select columns using a mouse and keyboard. To select multiple contiguous columns, move the cursor to the top of the first column until it changes into a black down arrow and then click to select the column. Press Shift and click with the black down arrow on the last column you want to select.

How do you select an entire column in Word?

Selecting a Column or Row in a TablePosition the insertion point in any cell within the column, display the Layout tab of the ribbon, then click Select | Select Column.Move the mouse cursor just above the column you want to select. It will turn into a downward pointing arrow. Click on the left mouse button.