Quick Answer: How Do You Find The Value Of Cot?

What is cot value?

(cot1/2); The product of Co (the original concentration of denatured DNA) and t (time in seconds), giving a useful index of DNA renaturation.

Cot1/2 is the value when 50% renaturation has occurred which can be used to estimate the length of unique DNA in a sample..

What is the value of cot 90?

Important Angle Summaryθ°θradianscot(θ)90°π/2N/A120°2π/3-√3/3135°3π/4-1150°5π/6-√312 more rows

What is the value of cot 270?

Important Angle Summaryθ°θradianscot(θ)225°5π/41240°4π/3-√3/3270°3π/2N/A300°5π/3-√3/312 more rows

What is the value of cot 120 degree?

Important Angle Summaryθ°θradianscot(θ)60°π/3√3/390°π/2N/A120°2π/3-√3/3135°3π/4-112 more rows

What is the value of cot 1?

Therefore, cot−1 x = nπ + α, where, (α ≠ 0, – π/2 ≤ α ≤ π/2) and ( – ∞ < x < ∞ ). Therefore, principal value of cot−1 √3 is π/6 and its general value = nπ + π/6.

What is the reciprocal of cot?

The reciprocal cosine function is secant: sec(theta)=1/cos(theta). The reciprocal sine function is cosecant, csc(theta)=1/sin(theta). The reciprocal tangent function is cotangent, expressed two ways: cot(theta)=1/tan(theta) or cot(theta)=cos(theta)/sin(theta).

What is cot the opposite of?

The cotangent is the reciprocal of the tangent. It is the ratio of the adjacent side to the opposite side in a right triangle.

What is the value of cot infinity?

If you look at the graph of , you will see it is a periodic function, going from positive infinity to negative infinity indefinitely. No matter how large the value of gets, it will keep repeating this way and never tends to any one value of . Hence, there is no limit.

What is the value of cot 180?

Important Angle Summaryθ°θradianscot(θ)135°3π/4-1150°5π/6-√3180°πN/A210°7π/6-√312 more rows

What is the exact value of cot 0?

In mathematics, any number divided by zero is undefined. Among the trigonometric ratios sin (0°), cos (90°), tan (0°) & cot (90°) are zeros. Their reciprocal ratios are indeterminate or undefined forms.

Is COT the same as 1 tan?

tan x−1, sometimes interpreted as (tan(x))−1 = 1tan(x) = cot(x) or cotangent of x, the multiplicative inverse (or reciprocal) of the trigonometric function tangent (see above for ambiguity)

What is cot infinity?

The cotangent of infinity is undefined. If you mean, “What angle has a cotangent value of (or approaching) infinity?”, then it will be 0° plus or minus all whole number multiples of 180°: …, -360°, -180°, 0°, 180°, 360°, …