Quick Answer: How Can I Deactivate My STC Internet Package?

How do I permanently delete STC landline?

When you call STC helpline to cancel your landline, postpaid SIM, or fiber optic internet connection, they ask you to clear all your dues, and then they will proceed with the internet disconnection.

People pay their STC bill and stop using the STC service yet they receive the STC bill at the end of the month..

How can check STC MB?

To check sawa postpaid internet balance, the best option is installing the My STC app. you will get plenty of other options and details as well. You can also check the remaining data by dialing *166# and press call. The other method is by calling helpline 1500, and you will know about the balance.

What is STC multi SIM?

The multi-SIM service from STC enables customers get three SIMs with the same number to use generally in the cell phone, quick Net or tablets the fact that allows the use of internet account in three different devices simultaneously at the same price. … He can change the active SIM by easy instructions and at no cost.

How can I change STC from Arabic to English?

Download and log in to the MySTC App….Click on the “Number Properties”.Now select the mobile number.Click on the “Contact Language” button.Select the STC language Arabic or English.The language will be changed in a few minutes and you will receive all new messages in the preferred language.

How activate STC multi SIM?

How can I activate quicknet bundles using quicknet recharge cards? You can use the available charging and activation channels to activate the bundle directly to your prepaid SIM, or enter * 155 * Charging card number * ID Number # Then press Call.

Can I convert my Sim to eSIM?

Your carrier cannot switch your service from a physical SIM to an eSIM if you call from the iPhone you want to change to eSIM.

How can I check my remaining MB in Mobily?

Kindly, you can check the remaining data balance and expiry date by dialing *1411# or by contacting us in new private ticket with providing us your SIM and ID numbers so we can help you.

How do I find the mobile number of a SIM card?

9 Ways To Find Your Mobile Number From Your SIMEnter a Special Code. Firstly, if you have your SIM in your phone then there is a simple way to find out your telephone number. … Call a Friend. … Call Customer Services. … Check Your Phone Settings. … Look in Your Numbers. … Check Your SIM Card Packaging. … Visit a Store. … Find a Bill or Contract.More items…•

How can I change Mobily to English?

Kindly note that usually the language of IVR 1100 depend on the preferred language which was selected from the customer while subscribing with Mobily on the first time. And the method of changing the language is by dialing 1100 then select number 9 then select number 2 to modify the language.

How do I change my SIM card to English?

How to change the Airtel IVR to your preferred languageCall 121 ( Airtel Customer Care)As soon as you hear the greeting you press 43.Then for Marathi press 1, for English press 2, for Hindi press 3.You will then be asked for confirmation so press 1.More items…

How can I activate my expired STC SIM?

Usage notes:The line is activated upon first use.Valid for up to 60 days from activation. If not recharged and unused for 90 days, the service will be terminated.SIM card validity extends according to each recharge card chosen.To check your Sawa balance, dial *166# or call 1500.

Can I convert my normal SIM to eSIM?

To start with, you need to send an SMS with your email ID to 121 in the format ‘eSIMemail’. After this, you will receive a confirmation SMS and a call confirming that you sent a request to convert your physical SIM to an eSIM. This will be followed by an email that contains a QR code.

How can I cancel my Sawa package?

For sawa:To check your remaining balance send 8888 to 900.To cancel automatic renewal send 7009 to 900.

How can I recharge STC Internet?

Available Recharge Methodsmystc Gate. Learn More.mystc App. Learn More.SMS. Send *155* recharge. card number# to 1500.USSD. Enter *155* recharge card number#, then press ‘call’

Can I cancel my landline and still have Internet?

Can I keep my internet if I cancel my landline service? No, of course not. Your broadband is delivered through your landline. You can of course cancel the landline and start a new mobile internet connection with another provider, but it will cost more and be slower.

How do I complain to STC landline?

You may present and follow up your objections via all open stc communication channels:mystc.Direct chat on: my.stc.com.sa.Customer service offices.Customer Care call center,call 900.

Which Sim is best for Internet in Saudi Arabia?

STC is said to have the best coverage and speed, followed by Mobily and Zain in 3rd place.

What is WIFI Internet in STC?

wi-fi service is available in more than 20,000 locations, to be connected to the internet wherever you are. Enjoy this service free when you register using the username and password for Baity Bundle, mystc App, or Tamayouz registered number.

How can I check my internet data?

Some routers can show you detailed data usage per-device. Go to your router’s app or logon page, then look for the data usage section. If your router doesn’t provide that feature then you can go to GlassWire’s “Things” tab with GlassWire for PC to see a list of all the devices (Internet of Things) on your network.

How can I change the language?

Change languageOn your Android phone or tablet, open your device’s Settings app Google. Manage your Google Account.At the top, tap Data & personalization.Under “General preferences for the web,” tap Language.Tap Edit .Choose your language. … If you understand multiple languages, tap Add another language.