Quick Answer: Are Autographed Pictures Worth Anything?

How much is Abraham Lincoln’s autograph worth?

KBAK: “​Abraham Lincoln’s signature is right here, right here above the Secretary of the Treasury’s signature.” Now THAT is pretty crazy.

But, Kephart was a bit skeptical so he had it authenticated.

KBAK: “They said, at auction, basically it’s [worth] anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000.”.

What autographs are worth the most?

Read on to find out whose signature is worth the most.George Washington. Selling price: $9.8 million.William Shakespeare. Selling price: $5 million. … Abraham Lincoln. Selling price: $3.7 million. … John Lennon. Selling price: $525,000. … Babe Ruth. Selling price: $388,375. … Jimi Hendrix. … Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe. … Albert Einstein. … More items…•

What is the use of autograph?

An autograph is the signature of someone famous which is specially written for a fan to keep. He went backstage and asked for her autograph. Young autograph hunters clustered around the players’ entrance. If someone famous autographs something, they put their signature on it.

What is the rarest autograph?

10 of the World’s Most Expensive Autographs: Whose Signatures Are Now Worth a Fortune?George Washington’s Acts of Congress: $9.8 Million.Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation: $3.7 Million.John Lennon’s Murderer Signed LP: $525,000.Babe Ruth’s Baseball: $388,375.Jimi Hendrix’s Contract: $200,000.More items…

How much is a signed Beatles picture worth?

A Hard Day’s Night also sold in 2017 for $60,000. The most common autographs are usually on pieces of paper. Full sets from 1963 (condition depending) would be around £3000 – £4500. 1964 – 1965 the Beatles autographs would reach between £4000 – £6000.

What is the most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever sold?

Game used items such as the ball which Mark McGwire hit for his 70th home run of the 1998 season sold for $3 million. The most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever sold, a New York Yankees baseball jersey worn by Babe Ruth during the 1920 season, sold for $4,415,658 in 2012.

How much is an autographed picture of Michael Jackson worth?

The king of pop, Michael Jackson’s autograph is worth US $2,875.

How much is a Elvis Presley signature worth?

APPRAISER: And it’s a really good signature. For an average Elvis signature on a piece of paper like this, this signature would probably sell for about $1,000 to $1,500. Now, when we come to this one, It’s a nice signature.

How much do autographs sell for?

In most instances, these autographs will be valued in the $25 to $50 range and we simply cannot devote proper attention to them.

When did Michael Jackson die?

June 25, 2009Michael Jackson/Date of death

How much is a Beatles poster worth?

Poster of Beatles Last Concert Sells For $6,999 on eBay. A framed original poster for the Beatles’ last-ever concert at San Francisco’s Candelstick Park recently sold for an astonishing $6,999 on eBay.

What was Hitler’s favorite painting?

Hitler’s favorite painter was Adolf Ziegler and Hitler owned a number of his works. Landscape painting featured prominently in the Great German Art exhibition. While drawing on German Romanticism traditions, it was to be firmly based on real landscape, Germans’ Lebensraum, without religious moods.

Are autographs worth anything?

In reality, it most certainly does have a specific monetary value. Autographs are big business and can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. How much a particular autograph is worth usually depends upon a couple of factors: the popularity or notoriety of the person in question and rarity.

How much is Hitler’s autograph worth?

Greeting cards with Hitler’s signature, written or stamped, have been offered for sale on the Internet for a few thousand dollars to up to about $20,000. An autographed copy of Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” made headlines in 2014 when it sold at auction for $64,850.

What is Michael Jackson’s worth?

Michael was also the highest paid dead celebrity of 2018, making over $400 million, mostly from the sale of his EMI Music Publishing stake. At the time of his death in June 2009, Michael Jackson was estimated to have a net worth of $500 million (£380 million) according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What percent of autographs from the Beatles are real?

Only six percent of all autographed Beatles memorabilia is authentic, according to PSA/DNA Authentication Services, a California-based organization that examines collectibles.

How much are Hitler’s paintings worth?

In the 2000s, a number of these works began to be sold at auction. In 2009, auction house Mullock’s of Shropshire sold 15 of Hitler’s paintings for a total of £97,672 (US $143,358). while Ludlow’s of Shropshire sold 13 works for over €100,000. In a 2012 auction in Slovakia, a mixed-media painting fetched €32,000.

How do you value autographs?


How much is a Kobe Bryant autograph worth?

This important ball is selling for $2.888 million, plus $240 in shipping from Beverly Hills, California. “Kobe’s autograph will only continue to rise as he died at age 41 and will never sign again,” reads the item description. The seller claims that the ball could be worth $10 million in 10 years.

Which Beatles memorabilia is most valuable?

Here are the five most expensive Beatles items in a list recently compiled by Worth Magazine:#5, John Lennon’s talisman necklace. … #4, Gibson SG guitar played by George Harrison and John Lennon. … #3, A hand painted Beatles Sgt. … #2, John Lennon’s Steinway piano. … #1, John Lennon’s hand painted Rolls Royce Phantom V.