Question: What Qualifies As Media Mail For USPS?

What happens if you send something media mail?

All Media Mail is subject to inspection.

Those items not qualifying will be sent to the recipient as “postage due” for the proper class of mail they should have been sent.

If they do catch it, it’ll either be sent back to you for proper postage or the addressee will have to pay the correct posted..

What kind of packaging do I need for media mail?

Choosing Your Media Mail Packaging Your options for Media Mail packaging include flat cardboard envelopes, padded envelopes and boxes. If you send a book in a Media Mail envelope, you might put a cardboard insert on both sides of the book.

Does USPS Media Mail have insurance?

Another point to consider is that Media Mail items are not insured and are open to postal inspection. … Risks: Slow delivery, risk of inspections and damaged materials, no insurance, no compensation for damages. Benefits: Dramatically cost-effective when compared to Priority Mail.

Does USPS check media mail?

2, Media Mail Packages are subject to inspection by the Postal Service™. Upon such inspection, matter not eligible for the Media Mail rate may be assessed at the proper rate and sent to the recipient postage due, or the sender may be contacted for additional postage (DMM 604.8.

How do I ship USPS Media Mail?

Address the package correctly. Media Mail is addressed just as any other mail shipped with USPS is. Print the recipient address and the return address neatly and clearly with a pen. The return address goes in the upper left corner of the envelope or top of the box. The recipient address goes in the middle.

Why is media mail so cheap?

Media mail is designated for book type material that does not include any advertisements. Books! It’s cheaper as the length of time to reach its destination takes longer. … Priority mail is more expensive because it is more or less suggested that it will arrive in 2–3 days to the final destination.

How often does USPS check media mail?

They do check it occasionally. One time a few years ago, for about a month they spent an entire month or so checking all media mail. This dramatically cut down on businesses that were cheating and sending non-media items. If they determine there is widespread abuse they will probably consider doing that again.

What Cannot be sent media mail?

From $2.66 at a Post Office. The USPS limits Media mail to books, CDs, periodicals [not magazines with ads] and Music — any of these can be Educational — pencils, erasers, rulers, essay paper, art paper, etc. are not.

What is the difference between Media Mail and Library Mail?

Just like Media Mail, items sent through Library Mail cannot contain advertising or other non-media materials except for a packing slip. … Just like Media Mail, items sent through Library Mail cannot contain advertising or other non-media materials except for a packing slip.

Does ups have media mail?

You can receive discounts on Media Mail by sending presorted bulk quantities (minimum of 300 pieces), and there is also a bar-coded discount available. Maximum weight for Media Mail is 70 pounds. … Using the UPS network can help you achieve cost savings by using drop shipping and deeper mail induction.

What is the cheapest way to mail books?

What’s the Cheapest Way to Send Books in the Mail?USPS Priority Mail, in general, is also an affordable shipping solution for the U.S. market. … USPS Flat Rate boxes are another solid option if you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship books.More items…•

Can I use a flat rate box for media mail?

USPS provided mailers are only supposed to be used for their stated purpose. … Can I ship media (a book) in a priority mail flat rate envelope through the USPS but choose USPS media mail shipping? NO. Priority Mail Envelopes can only be used for shipping Priority Mail Rates.

Can I print a shipping label for media mail?

Using Media Mail with The best option for printing postage for Media Mail is to print out shipping labels — print addresses, postage and tracking information in one easy step. This allows you and your recipient to track the package during transit.

Can a repair manual be sent media mail?

Manuals – Media Mail In the past, some shop manuals and auto repair manuals were not accepted at the Media Mail price as books because brand name references were viewed as advertising or because they were produced by the manufacturer of the product.

Is Media Mail slower than first class?

Media mail can travel just as fast as 1st class or it can travel very slow. 1st class mail and priority have no guaruantees either so they can travel slowly as well. However, the USPS is supposed to give preference to 1st class and priority over media mail.

Can you use any box for media mail?

The Post Office does not provide boxes for Media Mail. Only for Priority and Express. Media Mail is great for Books, Computer Software, etc. … In bad weather you should use plastic bags and seal them before packing books in mailers or boxes.

What is USPS first class mail?

First-Class Mail® is an affordable mail service for standard-sized, single-piece envelopes weighing up to 3.5 oz and large envelopes and small packages weighing up to 13 oz with delivery in 3 business days or less. From $0.55 at a Post Office.

How much is media rate USPS?

Domestic PricesServicePricesMedia Mail®From $2.80 at the Post Office From $2.10 for Commercial PricingBound Printed MatterVariesLibrary MailFrom $2.66 at the Post Office From $2.00 for Commercial PricingPeriodicalsVaries19 more rows

Is it cheaper to send books by USPS or UPS?

If You Are Shipping Items Under 2 Pounds… However as the weight creeps closer to 2 pounds, USPS pretty much reaches pricing parity with UPS and FedEx Ground. For packages between 1-2 lbs in weight, on paper FedEx and UPS seem to be slightly cheaper than USPS but it all depends on the dimensional weight calculations.