Question: What Is The Safest Place To Be In A Tornado?

What is the most dangerous part of a tornado?

updraftThe most dangerous aspect of a tornado is the updraft, or the force that lifts upward inside the funnel cloud.

This force can lift vehicles, houses, trees, and other large items or structures and move them hundreds of feet away..

What should you not do during a tornado?

Don’t seek shelter from a tornado under an overpass. Being in a car during a tornado is frightening enough, but under an overpass is even more dangerous. As wind is forced through a narrow structure such as a tunnel or overpass, its speed increases. … Lie flat in a low ditch away from other cars and trees.

Which areas are most affected by tornadoes?

The big picture: The two areas of the U.S. that suffer from a disproportionately high number of tornadoes is Florida and an area in Southeast dubbed “Dixie Alley,” as well as the area in the Central U.S. known as “Tornado Alley.” While there’s no agreed upon boundaries for Tornado Alley, most count parts of states like …

Where is the safest place to be during a tornado?

Although there is no completely safe place during a tornado, some locations are much safer than others.Go to the basement or an inside room without windows on the lowest floor (bathroom, closet, center hallway).Avoid windows.For added protection get under something sturdy (a heavy table or workbench).More items…