Question: How Can Someone See My Snapchat Story If We’Re Not Friends?

Can you see someone’s story without them adding you?

Snapchat allows their users to see the stories of any other user even when you have not added them in your Snapchat account.

The Snapchat Story’s privacy should be placed to the public so that you view their stories easily..

Can people who aren’t your friends see your story?

Anyone who follows you can see your story, but only people you’re friends with can reply. Friends and connections: Your Facebook friends and Messenger connections will see your stories. … Your Messenger connections will not see your story. Custom: You can select specific people who will be able to see your stories.

Why can’t I see a friend’s story on Snapchat?

If you are sure you guys are friends but just can’t see this particular story, then they may have changed the privacy settings of that particular story. It is possible to change the settings to exclude individual people or groups of people at their descrestion.

How can you tell if someone is on private stories?

The only way to know that you are someone’s Private story list is if you see the purple lock icon around a story.

How do you view a Snapchat anonymously?

1. Making Use Of The Airplane Mode:Reopen Snapchat app and browse to the stories section in order to view someone’s Snapchat stories without them knowing.Once you have finished viewing the stories, make sure you clear the cache of the Snapchat app.After you have deleted the cache, you can turn-off the Airplane mode.