Does You Work For Feral Druids?

How do I get to BRD?

To get to BRD, enter Blackrock Mountain from either southwest Searing Gorge or northwest Burning Steppes.

If you enter from Searing Gorge, climb up on the giant chain that appears to your left and go down onto the big rock suspended in the center.

Follow the stairs down and exit downwards onto the chain at the bottom..

What level is general Angerforge?

level 55 eliteGeneral Angerforge is a level 55 elite Dark Iron dwarf mini-boss located in the West Garrison within the instance Blackrock Depths.

How do you pull Angerforge?

Adds-free pull. After killing the two dwarves, go down but instead of following the ramp to the right towards the elementals you jump to the left, opposite them. If your level is high enough/you jump close enough to the wall you shouldn’t pull any of the mobs near the window. Stand there and pull Angerforge.

Does weapon damage matter for feral druids?

In feral forms weapon damage isn’t used: “weapon” speed becomes always 1 seconds in cat form and 2.5 in bear, and damage is based exclusively on your stats, so indeed just go for the weapon with the best stats. …

Do feral druids benefit from windfury?

Druids will be able to use Windfury totem. it already does, but it only affects the druid’s white damage, which is about 30% of a kitty’s total damage. Windfury does absolutely nothing for a druid in a form now; unless you meant it will help meleeing moonkins, trees, and druids in caster form, which it would.

Does Angerforge still drop HoJ?

Hand of Justice originally dropped from Angerforge. It was moved to Emperor in a later patch. We have pre-1.10 loot tables. This means that HoJ drops off Angerforge, and Force of Will drops of Emperor.

Can Druids use hand of justice?

It didn’t on private servers, but on Classic, it does. Not sure if it’s intentional or not, but for the moment, it does appear to be proccing in both bear and cat form. So next time a feral rolls need on HoJ, don’t REEEEE at him, it DOES work for feral.

Does HoJ work for feral druids?

HoJ works for feral druids. The key part here is that it isn’t a proc from their weapon, as druids aren’t actually swinging their weapons and thus weapon procs wouldn’t work for them. It’s a trinket and procs off of melee attacks, which means it works with druid forms.

Are feral druids good in classic?

Yeah its fine. Feral cat is a good spec. Cat dps is one of the lowest of any hybrid and they are all low. You can cheese it to bring it up to be acceptable with a couple or on use items but realisitically you’ll never be more than middle of the pack.

How rare is Savage Gladiator chain?

This item has approximately a 1.44% chance to drop.

How much DPS does hand justice add?

Hand of Justice is a part of the Melee DPS Pre-Raid BiS (raid BiS until Temple of Ahn’Qiraj is out). This trinket allows you to have a 2% chance to gain 1 extra attack on melee hit.

What weapon should Feral Druid use?

Staves and polearms. Two handers with agility are all we use for feral. Restoration and Balance can use staves with intellect, or a dagger or mace with an off-hand (also preferably with intellect.)

How do I get to General Angerforge without the key?

There is no way to get to Angerforge without a key. Even if you were to somehow lava jump, you cant get past chest of seven door (and guzzler door will be locked too). The only way to reach Angerforge/Golem/Guzzler is with a shadowforge key.

Does chance on hit work for druids?

No they do not. So, the way those things work is that you have to hit with that weapon. … When you’re shifted into Bear Form or Cat Form, you’re not actually attacking with your weapon.

Does General Angerforge drop hand of justice?

After precisely 107 General Angerforge kills, he dropped Hand of Justice 3 times.

Does Crusader proc for druids?

Druids use claw attacks, not weapon attacks. They can not proc fiery weapon, crusader or similar on-hit effects in forms. The only enchants they are able to use are stat enchants such as +15 or +25 agility.

Does weapon skill matter for feral druids Classic?

Short answer: No, weapon skill doesn’t matter for Druids.