Can You Start Sentence With Even?

What is even if in grammar?

Even if is used in a supposition or hypothesis.

It refers to an imaginary or unreal situation.

Even if Caroline earned a big salary, she would not buy a fast car.

She still wouldn’t buy a fast car because she thinks they are too dangerous.).

How do you use not even?

Not-even definitions You didn’t even look at me. (colloquial) Used to express strong disappointment or disapproval. I heard they wanted to cancel the show tonight. Not even!

How do you use even in a sentence?

Even sentence examplesYou always look neat and clean – even if you are a little out of style. … He probably didn’t even realize what he said. … Even in sleep he was irresistible. … When she glanced up at him, even his smile was reassuring. … Even after my illness I remembered one of the words I had learned in these early months.More items…

How do you use even worse in a sentence?

even worse in a sentenceEven worse jobless figures were expected from the government later Tuesday.The labor picture at WestPoint Stevens Inc . is even worse.But what Wright did not know was even worse than that.It was even worse to be a freak and be smart.The reality is the injury actually could have been even worse,More items…

Can you start a sentence with despite?

Both despite and in spite of are prepositions that show contrast. They can show up at the start of a sentence or in the middle, but you’ll often need an extra clause to show the flip side. For example: In spite of this dependent clause, this sentence needs an independent clause (this one!) to be a full sentence.