Can You Request A Callback From Centrelink?

Self service line Call 136 240 to: check payment information, such as past and future payments.

update your family income estimate..

It’s important to note that Centrelink never asks for personal information over the phone and will never leave a threatening message (ie if you do not call back, we will cut your pension or something similar). … The call will come up on your screen (if you have one) as a ‘private number’, but these calls are rare.

And if you do persist with trying to phone Centrelink – an insider tells us that the best times to call are either:at 8am – the moment their lines open!or around 3pm, as this is when loads of parents are out on the school run.

Self service You can do most of your Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support business with us online or by self service. … Phone us Call us for information about payments and services for Centrelink, Medicare, and Child Support.

Traditionally 1800 numbers have only been free-of-charge from landlines. Calls from mobile phones are generally charged at timed rates. … That means that Centrelink customers will be able to call an 1800 number even if on a prepaid plan and when they have no credit.

How do you know a call is spam?

If you see “Suspected spam caller” or “Spam” as the caller ID, the call might be spam. You can answer the call, or block and report the number. If a call from someone you know is marked as spam, you can report the mistake.

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You receive a call from someone claiming to be from the Department of Human Resources or Centrelink. The caller tells you that you are entitled to more money but you must provide some personal details to prove your identity.

He said if customers missed a call or if it disconnects, they should call the JobSeeker phone line on 132 850.

Centrelink has revealed the average waiting time for people trying to call the agency is now 15 minutes and 44 seconds — 35 seconds longer than it was 12 months ago.

How long on hold is too long?

According to research from Velaro, all it takes is waiting on hold for one minute and almost 60% of customers will hang up. In a survey of “more than 2,500 consumers, nearly 60% of respondents believe that one minute is too long to be on hold,” PRWeb reports.

If you need help using your Centrelink online account after reading our online guides, call the Online Services Support Hotline. When you call select option 2. If you need help with your payment you can phone us on your payment line. For example, Job seekers.

We’re available: 8 am to 8 pm local time. Monday to Friday.